This presentation will discuss how development pipelines evolve over the systems  lifecycle to integrate systems and its embedded software, resulting in a digital twin to enable system qualification and auditable artifacts. We will also touch on how the Europa Clipper project leverages such pipelines.

Robert Karban is the Technical Group Lead of the Software and Systems Solutions Engineering group and the lead for the Computer-Aided Engineering  Systems Environment at NASA/JPL.
His team provides an environment for engineering modeling, supporting systems engineering and analysis activities, leveraging and integrating with the Software Environment.

Robert is internationally recognized as an industry leader in MBSE and MBE using his leadership role in the OpenMBEE community and as NASA representative at the OMG for SysML to align the different model-based aspects. Prior to that, he developed control and instrumentation systems and software for large telescopes at the European Southern Observatory, pioneering MBSE for large systems applying model-driven technology, and for particle accelerators at the European Organization for Nuclear Research.